Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Want to save Money and Lose weight?!?!?

There are SOOOOO many diet/health/natural/bullshit ways to "get in-shape, save money and lose weight!!"

I know, I have given these people a hard time for insistently using social media to sell their product and/or ideas but now I see the light... I too have figured out the best way to loose weight and get money!

Here you go, it is only a 1 Step Process:

1. Stop buying as much food.

Once you start buying less food, you will save money. And because you have bought less food you will eat less food and lose weight.  And there you go. Please mail me a $20 check for my advice.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I mean, I am not kidding that it will work because it will, but you already know that it would work. It's just very hard to do.  That is why I will share with you the REAL secret to easily losing weight.... are you ready? Are you sure you can handle this mind blowing tip?!?!?!?? Okay.... here it goes:


It is simple: Drink red wine? Switch to vodka. Drink Beer? Switch to vodka.  Drink Mike's Hard Lemonade? Go away. Drink Margaritas? Switch to vodka. Eat oatmeal in the morning? Mix it with Vodka.

Make Vodka your go to and I promise you will see weight loss results. You might also lose your job, friends and family. But who cares!! You'll be thinner! I mean, that is all that matters in the world.

In vodka we trust.


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  2. Crazy Karen comes out when I drink vodka... so I switched to whiskey which also works...