Friday, December 20, 2013

"She's so nice!"

So, I oddly, often think about the phrase "She's so nice!"  You hear it ALL the time. When there is a new Mom in your Mom's Club that you haven't met yet another member is telling you about her and she says "She's so nice!".  Or, one of your husband's friends has a new girlfriend, someone says "She's so nice!"

Nice. Ehhh. We had a saying when we were in our early 20's- "Nice only gets you so far." Not because we, AT ALL, condone being mean but to be described as just nice? How boring. And deep down inside I, too, am nice. But... nice? Is that how you want to be described?

I often think, there is no way that this sentence is said about me to a stranger that hasn't met me. No fucking way.  You get one sentence to describe me, it surely isn't going to be "She's so nice!" I would hope it is something like "She is literally the funniest person I have ever met" or "I wish I would be reincarnated as her!" But most likely it something like "She's got a mouth on her" or "She makes me really uncomfortable" or "I've never seen an eyebrow stay cocked for so long". But, nice? Highly doubtful. At least, I hope not.  I  like to hide the fact that I am actually nice- I save that for me true friends who have suffered through the crass, crude, honest, sarcastic decades of me.

I think, overall, I am pretty safe not falling into this category- this horrific category.  I am nice to people but I don't think, nor do I want, that to be my lasting impression. And, I don't think it typically is. This weekend  a good friend introduces me to someone and says "He can go toes to toes with you." I think, sweet, this guy can go toes to toes with me! Bring it on.  So, I was very shocked when this guy was beyond caught of guard and extremely uncomfortable at my first vagina joke. My first, not my third, my first. What a pussy.

So, it looks like I can steer clear of the "She's so Nice!" category, one vagina joke at a time.


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