Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A True Love Story: The Covingtons

We went to Galveston with the fam for Thanksgiving this year and it reminded me of how Cov and I got together...

My husband, Cov and I have known each other for years. We went to high school together.  When we tell strangers or new friends they all say, "Ahhh, that is so sweet!!!"  It was anything but sweet. I can't have "sweet" ruining my hard core image. Here is our unsweetened story.

We met in High School. "Ahhhhh!!!" Shut it. We ran in the same circle. I had a massive crush on him for a while but he was ALWAYS dating someone else. He was a serial dater- was until the we started dating. Shit, maybe he still is.

However, we managed to be "friends with benefits" from about 1997- 2007. On and off, of course. We lived in different cities, went to different schools, were in relationships, started our careers, etc. Some how through all of that we always found a (drunken) way to each other*. Consistency people, consistency. (*I remain my innocence of not knowing he was ever in a relationship at the time. times. multiple times.)

Then it was October of 2007 and we had driven down to Galveston, TX together for a friend's wedding. We got into town late and were waiting for our friends to wrap it up at an event. We did what anyone would do...drink.  We were sitting on the beach with a case of beer and a bottle of cheap tequila when I said "Why haven't we ever actually tried to date?"  (We had never dated or tried to date in the ten plus years of our history.) And to this day, Cov said the only sweet thing he has ever said "Cause we are afraid it might work."  Vomm.

We laughed it off, met up with our friends and told them our new plan to try dating. Everyone shrugged it off, I mean, it was Shelby & Cov. It made no sense and so much sense all at the same time.

So, we tried. It worked. 6 years later we are still together.

Damn you, cheap tequila.

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