Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blog moving to Austin

I am a little overwhelmed with the overnight success of motherfodders.

I just started this blog and it is taking of like wild-fucking-fire. So, we have made a family decision that we should move to Austin for my blog.

I  know it seems a little crazy. But just like a plant needs the right environment to grow in so does a parenting blog. I feel like I will be able to be more free with my thoughts and words in Austin. It is a more liberal city that is in line with the philosophy behind motherfodders.

Austin will give me the freedom to write what I want to write about parenting, marriage, politics and religion. A freedom that Houston can not give me.

Austin will help guide motherfodders to new found glory. Austin will make motherfodders soar to heights once unattainable. Austin... is calling motherfodders home.

That, and we officially decided to move to Austin for my husband's job.

ATX here we, and motherfodders, come!*

*Spring/Summer of 2014

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  1. a fun new adventure for you and your family! you won't regret it.