Thursday, November 14, 2013

FB's Thirty days of Thanks

Thirty days of Thanks... blerg.

I mean, it really is a special time of year on Facebook. I will say something insightful about this only once and here it goes: Shouldn't you be thankful for what you have every day? And, we move on.

Most likely as a FB "thanker" you fall in to one of two categories:

First is, you fall into the "I post my thanks so other people's perception of me is better."

You are either posting them so people can see how kind, humble and gracious of a person you are. "Day 23: I am so thankful to have the amazing opportunity to volunteer at Feed the Felons."  Wow, JoAnna spends her free time volunteering. My applause abounds for her generosity and sacrifice! Or, you are posting them so other people can see how awesome your life is. "Day 7: I am so thankful that S&G Auto hooked me up and I got my new rims for my Porsche a week early!!"  Say what!!! Johnny must be doing good! He's driving a Porsche. I'm so jelly!

Or Secondly, you fall into the "I post my thanks to help feed the lie I've been telling myself of having a great life."

"Day 15: I am so thankful for my sweet, kind husband who rubs my feet every night while reading the poetry he wrote about me." Please bitch, he hasn't touched you in months. Or "Day 8: I am so thankful for Adam. The last four years have been the biggest blessing and he brightens our world every day." Please bitch. Your. Kid. Sucks.

I will say though, Thirty days of Thanks does provide good fodder. It is me and one of my best friends favorite time of year. I will call her, for privacy purposes, Dookie. Dookie and I text about it year after year. All these "thankful" people. We might have, in years past, even taken some screen shots of superb "thankful" posts and started an epic text convo. I guess... well, that means I am thankful for Dookie. Shiiiiiiit.

And while I'm being thankful, I guess there is one more thing I am thankful for... I am thankful that I can hide thankful posts.

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