Monday, November 11, 2013

Soul mates, Schmoul mates.

"All because two people fell in love..."

"Our hearts beat as one"

"We were destined to be together"

"You complete me."

Soul person is destined to be with one other specific person for the rest of their lives and only that specific person would suffice.

Sha-fucking-right. Soul mates, Schmoul mates.  (If you haven't figured it out, Cov and I's relationship is riddled with romance) It is so annoying to me when people say this shit. It's probably mostly annoying because it causes a gag reflex and I end up with a tiny bit of throw-up in my mouth. And I hate throw-up.

But, I mean, think that my one and only destined soul mate out of all the people in the entire universe happened to live in America? And, he happened to live in Texas? Wow, he happened to live in the Dallas Area? Shiiiiza, he also happened to live in the same Suburb I did?!? SAY WHAT, he happened to go to the same High School as me?!??! And wait for it, wait for....he happened to run with the same group of friends I did???!?!?

Wowza, the soul mate factory must know I'm lazy.

Or maybe, just maybe.. we were two grown ass adults who made the same decision at the same time to get married? Good decision, bad decision? Verdict's still out. But, shit, if it was a bad decision at least we can make a different one later.

Shelby Mendoza? Maybe I'll be craving a little Spanish flair in 10 years?  Shelby Goldstein? I've always loved the Jewish traditions.  Or maybe, I'll remain Shelby Covington for the rest of my life. Either through hard work at keeping our marriage alive & well or because I'm too lazy to change it for my second marriage.


  1. I'm too lazy to change things as well. But then again, I met The Hubs over the phone and then on a blind date... and we've been together 30 years. Weird that we both used to live in a different state at the same time (Missouri) and we were at the same events at the same time….but never met until years later here in Florida. I gotta admit, I no longer believe in coincidence.